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    Circle Chic 怡时刻 a management consulting firm focusing on wellness and health sector. We have built a platform/online community with over 300K "health nuts" followers in metropolitan cities. We help companies/brands to launch new products, build brands, and entering emerging markets. We provide solutions to our clients and partners. Our team believe in wholesome living, holistic healing, yoga, modern fitness, TCM, and scientific nutrition. As a mission driven company, we work with seasoned experts, trustful organizations to promote balanced healthy lifestyle and make positive impact to the society and bring natural wellness solutions for urban citizens.


    怡时刻是一个专注于健康领域的管理咨询公司。公司同时建立了一个基于微信和网络的社交媒体社区,有超过30万的“健康坚果”粉丝的支持! 我们帮助有积极愿景的公司创立新的的产品线或者新的品牌,以及并帮助他们进入新兴市场。怡时刻致力于为我们的客户和合作伙伴提供完整可执行的解决方案。 我们的团队相信整体医学,瑜伽,科学的健身,中医哲学, 现代营养学等等,为大家建立怡身,怡心,平衡的有益健康的生活方式。作为一个以为大众提供高品质健康生活方式为使命的公司,怡时刻聘请有着丰富经验的专家,与先进的组织合作,引导积极的变化,为大众带来更加快乐的健康旅程

  • What We Do

    Circle Chic helps mission driven wellness brands and companies

    Product Innovation

    From creative design, research, supply chain to HR, financing, and marketing, we help brands incubate and launch new products from sketch.

    Brand Value Creation

    In this social media era, we help brands to build their online community through various social media platforms and maximize the power of social networks

    New Market Entry

    West meets East. With the growth of emergying market, we work with SME and boutique brands to enter new market and excel their growth.

  • Community

    Circle Chic has a community with wellness ambassadors around the world.

    To meet more ambassadors, please follow us on Wechat and join our various choice of wellness groups! Eat Well, Stay Fit and Be Happy.

    Morganna说 “我离我的目标体型越来越近了,我感觉很棒!”

    Bootcamp doer


    From a boy with baby fat to a muscular active young man

    一篇来自Gigi Peng的排毒日记

    Model, stylist and a healthy living KOL. let's meet Gigi


    Education entrepreneur and passionate marathon runner 

    John Vallis天然药物学科医生

    A naturopathic doctor and podcast producer living in Shanghai


    She co-founded a natural herbal drink brand in Shanghai and changes many people's lives


    A musician follows her spiritual heart and brings her performances to the soul


    the love for Flora. She traveled the world and found her true passion with flower arrangement

    明星的明星PT- Henry

    He is not just a PT for celebrities but also developed his unique training methods for everyone.


    She loves water and the feeling being in it. Now she is taking the passion into life and new career.

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